Investment philosophy / Management Holdings and Developments LTD USPs

Our core business, the financial services sector, holds a special allure to private equity investors. But the barriers to entering this market are high. This is where MHD expertise comes into play: Thanks to our extensive national and international network, we have access to a wide variety of transactions and can thus quickly respond to shifts in the market. In doing so, we focus on small and mid-cap companies. Given the manageable size of these companies, we are able to conduct thorough due diligence reviews. In addition, we face very little competition from other financial investors.

MHD strives to improve the performance of its portfolio companies by actively managing them. This is the only way to ensure that investors can enjoy long-term gains. For this reason, we hold the required controlling majority in all our investments. In such highly regulated market environments, this approach requires us to maintain a good working relationship with European regulatory bodies. And we have been very successful in doing so.

World-Class Advice

MHD has earned its reputation as a world-class investment banking advisory firm over the past decade: advising on a greater volume of M&A transactions than most independent advisory firms across the globe; advising on many of the largest and most complex restructurings in recent years; and advising on several of the most notable capital markets raises in recent years.

Clients First, Always

We are independent, unencumbered by the potential conflicts of interest inherent in bulge bracket firms and universal banks. We are never in a position where our client’s best interests are in conflict with our own. We serve as trusted senior advisors, providing classical investment banking advice and always recommending ideas and strategies that we would pursue ourselves were we acting in management’s capacity.